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24/7 Ambulance service in Delhi at baby ambulance

Welcome to Baby Ambulance Service, a most admired and appreciated ambulance service provider in Delhi and NCR. Baby ambulance service is currently providing ambulance services that include ICU Ambulance Services, Mortuary Van Services, Emergency Ambulance Number, Mobile Mortuary, Dead Body Freezer Box, Aantim Yaatra Vahan etc. We always keep up our ambulance service in delhi ncr on alert as no one knows at what time this service require for someone who need an immediate medical services in an emergency. As we are providing ambulance services in every variety we have to make an up to date facilities in van with all required medical instruments. Our ambulance vans are equipped with all modern medical instruments like Cardiac Monitor, ECG, Oxygen, Pacemaker, Oxygen, Foldable Stretcher, First Aid Kit, Portable Ventilator and Life Support System etc. along with all it we have well qualified staff who can handle any kind of emergency at time of transport any patient from one place to hospital . Our ambulance drivers are also well trained and very much aware of almost every destination so that he could make your patient reach as soon as possible to prescribed hospital.

Why Do We Need Baby Ambulance Service

We all have visited hospital many times in our lifetime. Many even stayed there for treatment. It is an important aspect of a civilized city. Perhaps, you won’t consider living in an area without a hospital. But what connects hospitals to the patients during an emergency? What transports patients during the critical time to the hospital when every single minute is a question of life and death? Yes, you have guessed right. It’s the Ambulance service that makes it possible for the patients. Today, you just have to call the ambulance number in Delhi NCR, and in no time, it reaches your doorstep. As a matter of fact, it is hard to imagine an ideal hospital without Ambulance services. Still, this service doesn’t get noticed and appreciation.


What exactly is an Ambulance Service?

People often consider ambulances as a motor vehicle, especially as a Van car. Nevertheless, most of the ambulances are Van cars. However, the stereotype is getting broken. This is because new vehicles have started serving as ambulances. It includes from helicopter ambulances to boat ambulance. Depending on the terrain and emergency extent various types of ambulances come into action. Equipped with medical Emergency Equipment and Personnel, an ambulance has space for one or more patients. Here are some of the main types of Ambulance service in Delhi NCR.

Government ambulance services

It is usually operated by the local municipalities. Generally, it is free of cost. However, you may have to pay some charge in certain circumstances. It gets the fund from the national as well as local government.

Volunteer ambulance services

Operated by various charities or NGO, this ambulance services serves the emergency as well as a patient mode of transportation. It might have links with other NGOs or government organization such fire and the police department. You might have to pay for it or it may be free.

Hospital based ambulance services

Hospitals also offer this service as a part of their wider service. These services are reliable. You also have the option to pay it in your hospital bill.

Combined emergency services

It is a complete emergency service. You will find in prime areas such as universities, companies, airports and other such places. The staffs are capable of handling medical care as well as for fire fighting and peacekeeping. It is a budget-friendly and compatible option. Therefore, big institutions are opting it.

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